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3 Dermatologically developed treatment methods for a successful problem solution.

Leading dermatologist Dr Christine Schrammek set out with the goal of improving her client’s complexions quickly, safely and effectively. She created a vegan formula using only herbs to create complete skin renewal in just 5 days! Green Peel is a medical-grade skin regenerating treatment derived solely from natural plant extracts. 

phformula skin resurfacing


Do you suffer from hyperpigmentation, acne or ageing skin?

Controlled dermatological chemical skin resurfacing represents an advanced approach in professional skincare. Unlike traditional chemical peels primarily focused on epidermal exfoliation, once the active ingredients are applied to the skin, they function as molecules with the ability to transport protons to different layers of the skin. This results in controlled chemical skin resurfacing actively triggers an accelerated process of epidermal cell turnover and regeneration.

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